When I first started to work here in Mallacoota in the middle eighties the building was just a shell, but over the years through contacts in the entertainment industry we have been able to fit it out with a stage, lighting systems, curtains etc with the great help of local volunteer labor. We have also benefited from monies raised from government sources by the Mallacoota Arts Council during the period when that organization presented their annual festival for further resources ie: sound equipment, curtains.

The Mudbrick Pavilion is in need of substantial renovation to bring it up to contemporary standards. It is increasingly difficult to get performance companies on Arts Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria touring programs to perform here because the stage is well below their minimal production standards. Only Just Shows to Go (Cafe Culture) tours leanly enough to be able to work in our space.

There is increasing demand from workplace training organizations to use the building for classes and seminars.

Local groups want to use the place for meetings, workshops and other event. The Mudbrick Pavilion needs to become a multipurpose multi functional facility. if it is going to continue to play its role as a community hub.

Also the population has almost doubled since it was built and is predicted to increase further. The venue is too small for many applications and often under pressure for conflicting uses during popular time slots and dates.

The redevelopment of this asset would create an immediate economic benefit to Mallacoota and the local area. It would create a venue for an exhibition space and group based activities like Yoga and dance.  while still leaving the auditorium free for performance . The separate room would also be available for work based seminars, classes and conferences. There would be added undercover space for the popular Artisans and Produce Markets as well as our Summer Community Markets. A health department compliant kitchen would create opportunities for the production of local produce for the above markets and make it possible to hold catered events on the premises’ (augmenting a site already popular for local and out of town weddings). The school would have a much needed space for performances and whole school events currently only available through great labour in the rooms at the Mallacoota Golf and Country Club.

We obviously cannot go ahead without approval and support from EGSC. We would like the EGSC support and approval, support and approval from the various relevant EGSC departments, the supply of the relevant planning permits and assistance with adjacent site works from our local team under Nick Dunbar. All of this of course subject to general approval of the plans, budget etc. I have contacted both Kate Nelson and Paul Holton informing them of our intentions and asking for help and support.

After the project has been scoped we plan an intensive round of community consultation with our major user groups and the community at large to ensure that the plans meet their needs.


Don Ashby (President of Mallacoota Halls and Recreational Reserve Grounds Committee of Management)

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