STRATEGIC PLAN Mallacoota Master Plan FINAL (sent to shire)

After several years of extensive and intensive community consultation our Strategic Plan for our Mallacoota Community Precinct is complete and has been accepted by East Gippsland Shire Council.
For those of you who have not been keeping up with things and as a refresher for those who have, this is very briefly what is planned. The full plans are available on The Halls and Rec web site.
1. A new toilet block will be built adjacent to the Skate Park
2. The Precinct access road is being rerouted to open up the area around the Lions Park to make safe transit between the children’s playground and the Skate Park.
3. The BBQ area in the Lions Park will be redeveloped to include under cover picnic facilities and a parents Gathering Place for those who have children playing in the playground or Skate Park.
4. The Children’s Playground in the Lions Park will be replaced by an extensive all age’s playground.
5. A Community Club Rooms will be established between the Kindergarten and the Shire Camp Park amenities block. This will create a meeting and storage venue for our sports clubs, Lions Club, Anglers and other community groups and clubs.
6. The Lions Park will be extended down to the Lake Shore. This will include the former Mallacoota Arts Council Amphitheatre site which will be included in the park area. This new look Lions Park will feature walks, BBQ picnic spots and local flora and fauna.
7. ‘The Muddie’ will be extensively redeveloped, so far the plans include – a purpose built auditorium/theatre/recording studio, a yoga/dance/exercise studio, teaching/meeting room, function room, arts/craft studio and community workshop, community commercial kitchen and community office space.
8. The Sports Stadium, formerly The Main Hall, will be renovated to contemporary standards and additionally developed as a community relief centre in case of natural disaster.
9. The Skate Park will be replaced with a safe contemporary facility
10. The oval will be extended in size.
NOTE – In keeping with our continuing policy, every effort will be made to ensure that our building practises are sustainable, our energy sources renewable, our design briefs low profile and low visual impact and our suppliers and contractors local. We aim for a warm, friendly precinct in keeping with our beloved Muddie and the spirit of Mallacoota.
The ground work has been laid and now comes the implementation, which of course will mean more community discussion. Implementation is however already on the go for some initial stages.
• Plans are being drawn up, and consultations underway for the new Amenities Block, construction of which will begin before Christmas
• The Precinct access road is being rerouted.
• Request for tenders for the planning and development of a Clubrooms will be advertised this year.
• Community consultation towards the design and tendering for Lions Park BBQ and Gathering Place will begin soon.
So, the next stage of our Community Precinct Redevelopment is officially underway. We would never have got so far without the help of a great number of people right across the community.
We would like to thank –
• You, the community, who have given your time, patience, clarity of thought and good advice.
• Andrew Nelson from East Gippsland Shire for his tireless support, good advice and hard work. We look forward to working with Andrew as the whole project unfolds.
• Vern Darby who, as ever, has gone way beyond the call of duty in assisting and consulting on what has been a long, complicated and sometimes arduous process. We look forward to continuing to enjoy his expertise and assistance.
• Finally and very warmly – Us: The Mallacoota Halls and Recreations Reserve Grounds Committee of Management which comprises over twenty community user groups, about the same number of stake holders, individuals and other interested community members, all of you, who have donated your time unstintingly to the furtherance of this project.

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