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Our volunteer organization manages the two Mallacoota Halls – The Mudbrick Pavilion and The Main Hall AKA The Sports Stadium; the Lions Park;   The Skate Park; The Community Club Rooms;The Town Oval and adjacent grounds on behalf of the people of Mallacoota and East Gippsland Shire Council.

The Halls are available for hire  for community, personal and enterprise  events.

 First contact can be made  by emailing-  or ringing/texting  0468 818 344

The First Saturday of the Month, 9.00 till 12.00.  Within the Mudbrick Pavilion and in the Lions Park.

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First contact can be made  by emailing-

 or ringing/texting  0468 818 344


  1. Have you checked the calendar ON THIS SITE to see if the venue/area is free on the date you have selected? If you plan to only use the grounds and not the halls this is still very necessary to avoid conflicting events.
  2. Check out that everything  at the venue that you need works and inform management if it does not.  Do this at least two days before the event. Work out what your event needs in addition to what is available at the venue. This could include –
    1. Catering requirements like crockery, beverage making,
    2. Public Address,
    3. Specific lighting,
    4. Tables and chairs,
  3. Have you applied for all relevant permits?
  4. Do your groups event organizers have the skill-set to cover all the aspects of your proposed event?
  5. Check out the venue early to find out what is available at the venue and what needs to be bought in and how the various resources available within the venue work. Do you need support from the Management Committee?
    1. Do you need a AV/PA operator?
    2. Do you know where all the power, gas, water points are?
    3. Are the gas cylinders full of enough gas if you plan to use the kitchen?
    4. Is the BBQ clean and ready to go if you plan to use it.
  6. Have you and/or the on the ground event coordinator made yourselves familiar with the basic terms and conditions –  SEE SIDE BAR OF THIS PAGE of the hire of the venue you will be using?
  7. Undertake a risk assessment for your event use the portions of the check list called –  LETS PUT ON A SHOW relevant to the usual type of your event and apply it to the venue for your proposed event.
  8. Have you or the event coordinator arranged to have all the appropriate personnel available on the ground during your event? Have you a check list – SEE SIDE BAR to make sure everything is covered?  These people would include –
    1. Person in charge of setting up the venue.
    2. Person in charge of clearing the venue. This person would need to know the configuration of how the venue should be left at the end of the event.
    3. Has some one been tasked with washing up, clearing and cleaning the fridge and cleaning the kitchen at the end of the event.
    4. If the BBQ is being used has someone been tasked with cleaning it?
    5. A qualified first aider if the event will involve more than 20 total attendees.
    6. A qualified food handler if the event involves food handling.
    7. A person with the appropriate certification for the sale of alcohol if relevant.
    8. Has someone been tasked with vacuum cleaning and/or sweeping the floor and/or clearing the ground of litter after the event?
    9. Has someone been tasked with taking away rubbish accumulated during the event.
  9. Have you checked that the toilets are clean, supplied with disposables and unlocked for the event? Is there someone designated to clean them and lock them at the end of the event?
  10. Who is designated as ‘last out’ to check that everything has been put away, cleaned and switched off? SEE SIDE BAR




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