A new piano has been purchased by Padma Newsome and has been housed in The Muddie. Please see statement below.  The old faithful piano remains for casual use.

This piano was bought with grant funds received in 2020 from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and Newscorp as part of the Ashes to Music arts delivery programme.

The piano is a valuable instrument and will serve us for decades if we take good care of it. It can be played by anyone in community and is also appropriate for use by professional musicians: locals or visitors. It is also a great recording instrument. 

Thanks to CHIRF for their patience and their ongoing support of music in Mallacoota. A special thanks to Robin Bryant who has assisted me in my work over the past few years. 

Thanks also to the wonderful Jonathan Parise, piano specialist, Luthier, and friend to Mallacoota, who went the extra miles needed to get us a very good deal on a very good piano. 

                                                                                                                                                                  Padma Newsome 29/6/22

If you wish to use the piano, the Muddie can be booked by applying to Padma Newsome. His contact details can be obtained from this committee by emailing the committee of management.